Pick some very fresh Rose Petals off the Rose bush in the early morning on a Friday to prepare your own homemade Rose Water to lavish yourself and assist with SpellWork

If you don’t have a place to hand pick them go to your local Florist and buy some just make sure no pesticides have been used on them

You’ll also need Rain Water so if you haven’t already put a large bucket or bin outdoors do so and catch some

Get a heat safe jar with lid the olde fashion Ball jars work well

And a stick something like a Chinese Chop Stick

Colander~Cheesecloth~Tea Kettle

Once you have all your ingredients your ready…

Fill your tea kettle with rain water and bring to a boil

Put the fresh picked Rose Petals in the jar and fill it to the brim

Pour the boiling rain water over the rose petals…

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