Moon Astrology : September

September brings the Harvest Moon, which is the Moon Hare Full Moon, the most powerful lunation of the creative year. The psychic harvest parallels agricultural harvest. Our inner field is harvested in meditation, loving remembrance, through the arts, in writing, dance, yoga, tai chi and other bio-energetic exercise that helps separate our golden wheat from the old world husks that are to be let go. This year’s harvest is a harvest of the ages, it is a global harvest as the creative fruits of the past 6 millennia are gathered into a common store from which Holy Grail like essence is given to each according to their need. All are given now what they are due to fulfill their true purpose in the new world coming to be.

01- Labor Day – White Rabbit!New Magic Is Afoot

Say ‘White Rabbit’ first thing today for luck throughout the month. This…

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