Paradigm Shift ~ Spiritual Intelligence

Hālau ʻAha Hūi Lānakila


by William Frank Diedrich –

What is Spiritual Intelligence and Why Should You Care? 
The English word “spirit” comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning “breath”. Spirit is both the breather and the breath, the underlying nonphysical substance of all life. Intelligence comes from the Latin, intellegentia. Intellegentia comes from: inter-“between” plus legere-“choose, pick out, read” inter-lege-nt-ia. It literally means “choosing between”.

Spiritual Intelligence means to choose between the ego and the Higher Self or Spirit at any given moment. That is, we choose to live, to behave and to speak from a higher perspective. Scripturally this means: “Not my will, but thy will”.

In a more generic and modern sense, it is to live from one’s intuition and from inspiration, to listen to and follow the Inner Voice. It is the willingness and the will to tap into the One Mind which many call “God”,

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