Possibility of life forms on Europa

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Lona Middleton
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Photo courtesy of lightsinthedark.wordpress.com Photo courtesy of lightsinthedark.wordpress.com

We all know the government likes to spend money. President Obama’s budget request is always a good way to see what he believes the rest of the government will allow for spending. A small surprise this year though as he requested 18.5 billion dollars for NASA and that is up from 18 billion last time the request came around.

He has said that 30 million of the said billions would be used to set up a mission to Europa. Europa is one of Jupiter’s moons and likely the best hope we have of finding any sort of life within the Milky Way that isn’t on Earth.

Europa has a few things that make it quite similar to Earth: tectonic plates, a possible vast ocean underneath its icy surface, and the likelihood that there will be the chemical compounds capable of supporting…

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