TPT: Animal Spirits and Hauntings

Have you ever caught a small shadow running past you out of the corner of your eye? Or saw the apparition of a beloved pet walk past your bedroom door? Or felt something jump onto the bottom of your bed and curl up in the corner?

ghost_dogHuman-beings aren’t the only one with souls that can remain earth-bound or choose to cross-over. Despite what some believe, animals do in fact have souls. They have emotions and they have attachments just like people.

Animals can love their people-parents so much so that they will choose to stay by their side even in death. They will choose to remain earth-bound until they can go into the Light with their loved-ones, or like human souls, choose to cross-over and watch over their family and wait for them to join them along with others that have crossed-over.

ghost-catThey can also leave behind residual energy

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