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This meditation is designed to tune into the healing power of crystals.

crystal healing

Lay down, arms by your side, legs a comfortable, shoulder width apart. Rest your eyes, breathe in deeply, in through the nose, exhale out of the mouth. Do this three times.

Have a personal crystal or gem stone ready, one that you feel benefits you. Place the crystal on your solar plexus chakra ( where the ribcage meets, in-between the breasts ).

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Peace Water

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Peace water is said to be the opposite or the antidote to war water. Peace water is basically layering of a blue liquid and a clear liquid/oil.  I found there are variations of the ingredients in peace water, specifically the dye used and the quality of water that the dye is mixed with.

While in my Internet research of peace water, I came across a video of a very simple recipe to make peace water at home. The video by Dawn Champine can be found on YouTube. All of the ingredients she used, I had on had at home so I decided to start there.

1. Re-purposed small jar (from capers or something)
2. Moon water from the Super Moon July 12, 2014
3. Blue food coloring
4. Oil ~ I used Star Extra Light Olive Oil

First, I cleansed my container and then filled about 3/4 of the…

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On Your Way

The Creator Writings

Be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished. You were born to your Earth plane to learn certain skills to help your soul grow. You may not be done yet,

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Honor Yourself

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Are you honoring your True Self today?

The Divine that you are.

The Creator that you are.

The Spiritual and Intuitive Being that you are.

Connect with Mother Earth…ground yourself…then connect with Heavenly Source (God).

Let this connection resonate within you, and emanate outward in everything that you do.

Honor yourself in this manner today.





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CIA Admits UFO Hoax-Or Did They?

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Ahhh, the CIA.

Formed to replace the OSS after World War Two ended in 1947, these are the shady guys who you can blame for everything from the JFK assassination to any secretive operations in the United States or abroad.

They are the guys that rule the suspense and thriller movie genre.

Being a 21st century kind of agency, they recently found themselves with a  Twitter account.

And while they have not released the location of Jimmy Hoffa or told anyone that Ronald Reagan was really a robot for most of his terms, they have tweeted about being responsible for the wave of UFO sightings in Norway in the 1950’s.

Or did they?

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You grow like a flower

Climb the fences and step on the greenest grass

This is angelic thoughtful and just beautiful…

Did anybody (other than Physicists) really think that pulsing 30,000,000 watts of power 24/7 through EVERYTHING would be healthy?

Dark Matters a Lot

TunnelsAirGiants2 (640x449)———- Forwarded message ———-
From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Open Letter To [Very Important Person] About The Military Killing Our Reefs
Cc: World

I want to introduce you to a giant coral at Tunnels Reef I call Hinapu Ka’ia. Hinapu is the goddess of coral reefs and this coral is the largest coral I have ever seen in Kauai and the largest coral I have ever seen in the world after 5,000 scuba dives I have done!
This coral was probably the fist coral to grow at Tunnels Lagoon which is the caldera of an extinct volcano. She is over 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall weighing as much as the house I live in. She is many thousands of years old and I visit her a few times a year because it is a long swim against waves, current and…

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