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This card asks you to step back from your current path or thought process and review the situation you’re asking about. There’s an unseen aspect, and the angels guide you to slow down so you can move forward with the whole picture in sight.

This card can also be cautionary, if you were about to make a radical change impulsively. While it may still be the best path, this card asks you to look into the alternatives first.

As an Indigo, you’re exquisitely sensitive to energy, and your mission is to heal and transform negative energy into positive. However, there’s always a better way to do so. Henceforth, you are asked to research your options for making the healthful changes that are part of your Indigo mission.

– Indigo Angel Oracle Cards –

~ Charles Virtue & Doreen Virtue ~

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A Little Light

Tarot Card For Today 9th July

Spirit Card Readings

Refusing to See

Our card for today, Wednesday, July 9th, is taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland – 2 Refusing to See – Key Words: Assess, decide, impasse, and honesty.

2 symbolizes: Balance, partnership, tenderness, consideration, receptiveness, collaboration, choices, opposition, and negligence. (The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Guidebook)

Indigo border symbolizes: wisdom, empowerment, personal insight, perception, problem solving, understanding, solitude and depression. Indigo is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. (The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Guidebook)

Sometimes it is hard to see the truth of a situation when we are so emotionally involved. Sometimes we refuse to see the truth because of what it might mean for us if we do acknowledge it. However turning a blind eye to what is going on doesn’t make it better or make it go away either. Sometimes the hardest thing we can do is to face the…

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Foolish Little Dream

I am Lovely and Lonely and I Belong Deeply To Myself


You can’t sleep

Me  neither

Lets not sleep together

Come walk with me

Under the trees

On this hot summer night

The Moon is full

The stars, well

They waltz with

The Moon

In the midnight sky

Take my hand and

Waltz with me

Under the trees with

The fireflies and crickets

Let the soft breeze

Caress everywhere lips can touch

Breath tender words and desire

Slip into my stillness

Dance with me

Under the trees

My heart whispers sweet secrets

To the Gypsy Moon

They know my name, the moon

And stars and speak

It with delight

I am the dream

The means by which

You may enter

Under the trees

Come this way, come this way

We have opened the locks

Of time and space

The night is endless

And dreams are true

There is nothing old

There is nothing dead

The wheels of time

Turn back again

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Doggerel Prayer: Bedtime

The Druid's Well


Water left and Fire right,
Ward and keep me through this night.
Earth below and Air above,
Let me greet the dawn with love.

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For The Love Of Abundance

Love, security, freedom, happiness emotional support and finances are granted to you in abundance. The universe is in continuous growth and provides, move with the flow say YES to abundance.


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Child of moon dust

Read this one from bottom to top as well, great read..

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Night falls on weary shoulders
Cool air descends
Steam rises on water
Distant sounds
Symphony of the moon.
Rain damp ground
Glistens in moonlight stream
White light leaves a shadow
As she sits
Eyes closed
Breathing the air of midnight.
Fireflies dance
In the dark spots of the mind
A twinkle of light
Luminous thoughts drift
Sleep stays at bay.
Owl calls out
Nature scurries in forest homes
She sits and watches the night
Move past
Today gone
Sleep will return
The coming of dawn
Reminding of movement
Skies alive
Night to day.

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New Moon June 27, 2014

Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor

New Moon June 27, 2014-Click Picture For Full Article On The New MoonA New Moon occurs on Friday, June 27th, 2014, at 4:08 AM EDT marking the beginning of a new cycle. The Gemini New Moon cycle ends and the Cancer New Moon cycle begins. The above picture has an awesome prayer to say out loud on the first night of a new moon. It sets your intentions to a new vibration.

A new moon symbolizes new beginnings when you look at old goals and set new ones. It is a good time to contemplate upon your life. The meaning of a new moon is the opportunity to start anew and refresh your dreams and desires. It is a time of magic! Did you set New Year’s Resolutions that may need a little boost to them by now? Have any of your goals gone from bright to dim? Now is the time to support them with the new moon energy and its…

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