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Medicinal Marijuana oil

One of the most ancient natural medicines known to man, with the oldest discovered written history dating back to china about 6000 years ago.  According to known history it has been used as a medicine for a lot longer than it has been illegal for.

Medicinal Marijuana extracted from “Cannabis sativa” was outlawed in Australia after the “reefer madness” campaign launched by the government in 1938. However since 1978 there has been on again & off again legal battles trying to decriminalize Marijuana for medical uses. Countries that have decriminalized medical Cannabis include Israel, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Switzerland and more than twenty US states.

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Mind Control And How They Do It

Mind Control through the media and the governments creating super consumers, and emotionally attached materialists.

Did anybody (other than Physicists) really think that pulsing 30,000,000 watts of power 24/7 through EVERYTHING would be healthy?

Dark Matters a Lot

TunnelsAirGiants2 (640x449)———- Forwarded message ———-
From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 4:22 PM
Subject: Open Letter To [Very Important Person] About The Military Killing Our Reefs
Cc: World

I want to introduce you to a giant coral at Tunnels Reef I call Hinapu Ka’ia. Hinapu is the goddess of coral reefs and this coral is the largest coral I have ever seen in Kauai and the largest coral I have ever seen in the world after 5,000 scuba dives I have done!
This coral was probably the fist coral to grow at Tunnels Lagoon which is the caldera of an extinct volcano. She is over 40 feet wide and 20 feet tall weighing as much as the house I live in. She is many thousands of years old and I visit her a few times a year because it is a long swim against waves, current and…

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Navajo Nation wildfire now 90 percent contained

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