Healing Angels Meditation All original meditation music by psychic medium Ian Scott. ©  Thrive on news spiritual magazine.


Ascension meditation

Meditation and music by psychic medium Ian Scott
from thrive on news spiritual magazine

Ascension meditation article

A Sound Healing – Monks Chanting – Add Your Voice – Feel The Vibration

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From:  Thrive On News Blog   –   “A Sound Healing:  Chant Of The Past Life Monk”   –   Add your voice and feel Sympathetic Vibration in Your Body  –  VIBRATE  WITH  THE  UNIVERSE   –  FEEL  THE    “WE  ARE  ONE”   ENERGY  HEALING  YOUR  BODY!

Please go to:    A Sound Healing     @    ThriveOnNews.com     |      Play the file – listen – add your voice to the music.  You wil feel at One With  God / Your Higher Self.  Try their suggested visualization.

(Tip:  Like  the Post and you get to download a 2nd file. )

Thanks, Duane

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The Great Rave

~ : - Kronus Official - : ~

In desperate times
Its necessary to ignore our differences
When the great rave calls
All tribes will answer

When all times comes to an end
Ancient rules will be broken
And the seven seals
Be forced open

Woe be to the Man
Who cannot see God
For eternally he shall suffer
By the brightness of his fellow Men

Come now children
The time has come
Shed those wretched disguises
And let loose.. to the beat of the War Drum

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My First Great Song.. If I must say so myself. It’s this that inspired me to get out of my cave and start showing the world what I’ve been brewing up. I hope you feel as awakened and inspired as I do after listening to this. Let your chakras be opened and allow yourself be transported to the Great Rave, where all tribes gather under one…

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