method and substance

body and mind

rites of nature

bound in time

water from the well

9 ounce will do

leaves from the garden

wild from the woods

young and fair

rosemary and mint

wild ginger and sage

comfort in flavor

powers are true

delight the palate

honor the brew

hourglass is ready

12 minutes are due

be charmed

be careful

drink with delight

the magick unknown

she prepared this night

one more sip

this ancient poison

mysterious she is

her ways to you

sense be vanquished

the witch’s brew

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Herbs and the Seasons.

Voices of Albion Revisited: The Measure of Albion

Voices of Albion Revisited


In the third installment of this recently reactivated thread we follow on from the concept of Custom Law and Common Right, in relation to Wally Hope’s Stonehenge People’s Free Festival, and the Open Access to Stonehenge Campaign that it was eventually to spawn more than three decades after his death, with a look at the significance of Stonehenge as an actual physical repository of the lost science of Prehistoric Britain; as set out in its physical dimensions. In many ways, the fact that the builders of Stonehenge appear to have possessed an in depth knowledge of the Universal Canon of Number and Measure that the builders of the Pyramids of Egypt, and many other similarly ancient monuments across much of what is generally referred to as ‘the Old World’, and beyond, can also be proven to have been familiar with, is perhaps a key factor in the decision by English…

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Dark Moon: Huathe

The Druid's Well

In the tree ogham, Huathe is associated with the Hawthorn, the tree of cleansing and challenge. That pretty much sums up what the month of May has been so far. The court date for my divorce, the selling of the condo, on one hand, and on the other, two new jobs and a renewed joy in life. I performed the Ovate Rite of Liberation at Beltaine, releasing all the resentment and pain I had carried from the past. I hope I have learned the lessons of these tree well.

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The Wheel Of The Year

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

The Wheel of the year is a term for the annual cycle of the Earth’s seasons consisting of eight festivals

Hinduism, Buddhism the Wheel of Life is a symbolic representation of Samsara, the continuous cycle of birth, life and death.
The Indian Mahayana Buddhism scriptural language of Sanskrit, the Wheel of Life is called Bhavachakra.

Wheel Of The Year Art Work – Ian Scott

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Winter Solstice Festival: Alban Arthan

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

 Alban Arthan

21 and 22nd June Southern Hemisphere
21 and 22nd December Northern Hemisphere

The Sun-god mates with the goddess
of the land and makes new life

wheel of the year

Just as a dark moon heralds in a new one, the Winter Solstice (Alban Arthan) marks the birth of a new year. We come out of the darkness and into the light. From the dawn of time, people all over the world have celebrated the return of the sun as life-giving time of great significance. It promises new life.

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