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Numbers, words, months, days and dates all have an importance to us, we use them everyday. Therefore behold the creation of energy, energy made a part of the matrix of the universe simply by us utilizing them on such a regular basis for such a long time. That’s how numbers and words carry their own vibration which of course can be read. Our date of birth is our destiny number our vibration created when we were born and ingrained into the fabric of the universe as the time of arrival on the planet.

Love numerology

The word love holds it’s own special vibration as do all words and names. After I have a little play with the numerology of the word love, you can then work out your karma connected to love this lifetime. All the relationships you have this lifetime will reflect this vibrational number. If we know how we personally…

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Love Fires – Spiritual Poetry

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I hand the torch over to you
I’m not giving up, but I am exhausted.
From where I stand I still see our light,
but I am exhausted.

Spiritual Poetry

I cannot carry the torch
I’ve tried so hard
I climbed that mountain
I carried the weight

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Is It Love

I have a home
but I did not no where I lived
until I met you.

Spiritual Poetry

I think thats love
to tell the truth
I don’t know what
real love feels like. Continue reading “Is It Love”

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