New Age Music And Oracle Card Full Moon

Nature’s Oracle
Full Moon Oracle Card

A correlation of strong cosmic reflection

moon oracle card

Time to recharge, fill yourself with universal nourishment.
Absorb it’s light, allow it to become a part of you.
Do not resist it’s power or it will turn negative. Continue reading “New Age Music And Oracle Card Full Moon”


Aikido: When The Body Moves the Mind


It is an established aim of Aikido that the mind and body should be united so that a person can fully be his best self in whatever he does. The concept is that of cause and effect: The mind desires something and the physical body expresses that desire through action. Imagine a human being having two sides, the mental and the physical. The mental side is the part that thinks and directs, and the physical side is the one that acts and follows the direction.

Photo Credit: Christopher Peddecord. Photo Credit: Christopher Peddecord.

The Mind Moves the Body

Usually, when we try doing something for the first time, we can’t really do it well, can we? Remember how you first learned to ride a bike? Or the first time you tried to drive? Remember how it was for you the first time you tried to do any sport? Or, for the martial artists…

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Avoid New Age Manipulative Marketing


The Fool Card Wikipedia The Fool Card

I feel disappointed that I’m writing a post on manipulative marketing techniques of new age teachers and healers.  However, when brilliant teachers prey upon people suffering losses and illness, my inner warrior pulls out the sword of truth.

Recently, I joined another “free” online workshop series and live streams.  Having joined several “free” summits and workshops in the past, I was already aware of the info commercial atmosphere so prevalent these days.  What I didn’t expect was a spiritual teacher to place her listeners under a trance and then use several manipulative marketing strategies to get them to sign up for a $600 online course which included peer pressure, causing the listener to doubt their inner guidance and offering stories of people magically coming up with resources to take the 12-week course.  “Take that leap of faith and then the money will arrive…” Meaning, sign up…

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