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Peace water is said to be the opposite or the antidote to war water. Peace water is basically layering of a blue liquid and a clear liquid/oil.  I found there are variations of the ingredients in peace water, specifically the dye used and the quality of water that the dye is mixed with.

While in my Internet research of peace water, I came across a video of a very simple recipe to make peace water at home. The video by Dawn Champine can be found on YouTube. All of the ingredients she used, I had on had at home so I decided to start there.

1. Re-purposed small jar (from capers or something)
2. Moon water from the Super Moon July 12, 2014
3. Blue food coloring
4. Oil ~ I used Star Extra Light Olive Oil

First, I cleansed my container and then filled about 3/4 of the…

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method and substance

body and mind

rites of nature

bound in time

water from the well

9 ounce will do

leaves from the garden

wild from the woods

young and fair

rosemary and mint

wild ginger and sage

comfort in flavor

powers are true

delight the palate

honor the brew

hourglass is ready

12 minutes are due

be charmed

be careful

drink with delight

the magick unknown

she prepared this night

one more sip

this ancient poison

mysterious she is

her ways to you

sense be vanquished

the witch’s brew

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Medicinal Herbs – Mugwort The Prophet

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Mystical magical mugwort the herb of protection and psychic vision. Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as common wormwood, felon herb, travelers herb, chrysanthemum weed and Sailors tobacco (used as a alternative to tobacco when supplies run low at sea) among others. Native to Europe, Asia, Africa and some parts of North America, this perennial plant grows one to two meters tall and is very hardy, some call it a weed.

Mugwort medicinal herb MUGWORT – Artemisia vulgaris

One of the most popular medicinal herbs used in Japanese and Chinese medicine for a variety of health benefits, including colds, fever, flu, headache and bowel pain. The leaves and flowers are also used to flavor food, such as meat and fish, the Japanese use mugwort to make a variety of sweets. Before the use of hops, mugwort was the favored flavor ingredient for ( dried leaves ) beer.

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Pick some very fresh Rose Petals off the Rose bush in the early morning on a Friday to prepare your own homemade Rose Water to lavish yourself and assist with SpellWork

If you don’t have a place to hand pick them go to your local Florist and buy some just make sure no pesticides have been used on them

You’ll also need Rain Water so if you haven’t already put a large bucket or bin outdoors do so and catch some

Get a heat safe jar with lid the olde fashion Ball jars work well

And a stick something like a Chinese Chop Stick

Colander~Cheesecloth~Tea Kettle

Once you have all your ingredients your ready…

Fill your tea kettle with rain water and bring to a boil

Put the fresh picked Rose Petals in the jar and fill it to the brim

Pour the boiling rain water over the rose petals…

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