Feng Shui – Cleansing a Space

Mama Bear Musings

Feng Shui – Cleansing a Space

If you’ve used essential oils before, you know that even a few drops can make a big difference. One favorite Feng Shui cure is to sprinkle a few drops of Palo Santo oil to cleanse a space. It is used in much the same way as white sage to diminish negative energy and ground the space to allow a lighter reality. Make an intention to rid your home of negativity and watch what happens next. …

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Meditation & Opening My Third Eye

Divinely Christine

Mediation is always a struggle for me when I get back into a routine, or at least try to. Once I finally start getting it and being able to last longer and go a bit deeper, I stop the practice and I have to restart whenever I decide to get back into it again. Meditating is like building muscle – although you may take a break from it, once you start getting back into it, it gets easier and easier.

Since writing my first post, I’ve had a lot of stress from a work move I was

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My Book Of Life Written Meditation

Try this meditation brilliant

Thrive On News Free Spirituality Esoteric Magazine

written meditaiton

Written Meditation Your Personal Spiritual Pathway

Lay comfortably relax the body, close the eyes and slowly breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Hold focus on relaxing the jaw let it drop a little relax any clenching. Allow yourself to sink into the mattress making sure your legs or arms are folded. Imagine a long pathway off into the distance leading into a forest laden with purple flowers bursting with vibrant colour and scent, follow this path. Reaching the end is a small clearing with a large stone in the centre atop the stone is a substantially thick leather bound book. With your name on it and the date, you were born.

Unlocking Hidden Talents And Skills

Approaching the enchanted book you notice it glisten with what looks like rays of the sun. Feeling its soft leather and ancient dust breeds the curiosity in you. Contained within the…

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Winter Medicine: Delicious & Warming Tonic Syrups

Absolutely amazing thank you



When dark, winter days challenge our bodies as well as our spirits, nothing makes a better remedy than old-fashioned tonic syrups. Time tested & true, these potent preventatives and remedial healers call on the nourishing, medicinal powers of tonic plants and adaptogenic herbs, berries, honey and warming spices. And not only will they help fortify your body, bolster your immunity and strengthen your heart, they will even uplift your spirit!

Plus they’re just darn delicious splashed into sparking water and cocktails or drizzled on pancakes, oatmeal, yogurt and ice cream. And if you’re already under the weather, take heart, served straight up by the teaspoon or mixed into hot tea, tonic syrups not only help soothe symptoms of colds and flus, coughs, congestion and sore throats, they make the medicine go down in the most delightful way!


Created by extracting and preserving plant’s nutrients and medicinal properties, in sugar, honey…

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Are Backyard Gardens a Weapon Against Climate Change? – Modern Farmer

What’s My Celtic Astrology Birth Tree Sign

I find this extremely interesting

Thrive On News Free Spirituality Esoteric Magazine

Birth tree celtic astrology Celtic Tree Astrology

Celtic Tree Astrology Birth Signs and Meanings

Celtic Tree Astrology is based on 13 trees of the Ogham coinciding with the lunar moon phases. A single Ogham tree is designated to each moon phase of the lunar calendar. Find the wisdom in the tree totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Bring the best out of yourself by conjuring forth the positive qualities of your personal tree totem.

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Your Personal Celtic Animal Astrology 2017

How very accurate!

Thrive On News Free Spirituality Esoteric Magazine

Celtic astrology Celtic animal zodiac 2017

Celtic Animal Zodiac Meanings 2017

Celtic Animal Astrology is based on 13 lunar moon phases. Designated to each moon phase of the lunar calendar is an animal spirit. Combining a personal energy and a spiritual path to enlightenment through the animals teachings.

Find the wisdom in the animal totem associated with your time of birth just as the Druids did many lifetimes ago. Bring the best out of yourself by conjuring forth the positive qualities of your personal animal totem. A spiritual guide for 2017 as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott

celtic zodiac Stag December 24 – January 20

Stag / Deer
Animal Totem Meaning 2017

Looking for ways to understand the people around you will be a challenge this year. Remembering everyone has their own unique sometimes weird way about them. Which in the end is the reason why we fall in love with…

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